Shrimphunting the Wadden Sea


The Netherlands are formed by the sea, and so are it's people. I went hunting with fishermen on brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) at the Wadden Sea and North Sea coastal zone. The hunt was on with a young fisherman and his father, who functions as his mentor until the youngster has shown to be capable to handle his own catch.

This means, among many things, one has to locate the right spot were the shrimp are to hunt them, which can be on a complete different spot than a day or week before. The Wadden Sea is a marine habitat with a highly dynamic nature, where the sandy bottom and it's fauna travel with the tide, seasons, currents and storms. The movements of the shrimp -though plentiful available- thus remain somewhat of a mystery.

In summertime when weather is mild, life is good on board and we enjoyed eating the pink gold (the shrimp turns pink after cooking aboard). In wintertime the sea gets spooky, work is cold, dangerous and Henry, the help from Senegal flees back to warm Africa to avoid the Dutch dark and cold days, to chase Baracuda in the Atlantic.